Frequently Asked Questions

Right now this FAQ is uncompleted. Sorry.

Design Decissions

¿Why does not YaPiG use SQL databases?
The idea is to do a script that requires minimal server features. Many servers offer free php service but paid SQL access. Maybe in the future will be the oportunity of using text and SQL data bases.
¿Why does not use Smarty for templates?
Once again, simplicity. Smarty is very powerful, but requires a 'big' effort for user to learn it. Yapig's template system is very easy to use and you can integrate YaPiG in your web with minimal effort thanks to it.


Permissions Issues
Most of problems running YaPIG are related to permissions. Remember:


YaPiG Excedes execution time
This is because as default PHP runs its scripts during 30 seconds. After that time, it kills them. You have to edit your php.ini file and modify this value to:
     max_execution_time = 300     ; Maximum execution time of each script, in seconds
¿How does password protect the images?
YaPiG gallery passowrd system is very insecure because if you know the directory and the image name you can access directly to the image url with your browser. Anyway, for personal albums it is enought and if you choose rare/random image names.In the future, it will be studied by YaPiG developers team how to improve this security topic.